How to Install a Parking Camera: Wiring the Front Camera

a parking camera in a car
What You'll Need
Parking camera Kit
Wire threader
Soldering Iron
Electrical tape

One of the biggest annoyances for any driver is parking in a tight space, and a parking camera is one solution to this problem. If you live in an area with plenty of narrow spaces, or are anxious to improve your parallel parking, then installing a front-view parking camera can help you to work your way around a small parking area. If you wish to install a parking, or reversing, camera, then you should also consider whether it is worth also installing a parking sensor, which will help to alert you when you are parking improperly. The camera alone can be installed, but using them both together can minimize the risks of parking.

Step 1 - Extract the Wire

Once you have placed your camera into the desired location, you can then start the internal wiring. Drill a small hole, and pull the large white connector attached to the reverse gear through the passenger side of your boot, and then place it onto the seat. You may need to fix the hole with some putty later, but you can leave it as a large hole for now. Look at the side which has male connectors. You will also be able to see the live and earth wires. Take note of the red wire, which is the live wire, and the fat black wire, which is Earth.

Step 2 - Prepare the Wire

Remove the pins attached to the male side of the block using the screwdriver to push out the pin. You can then use the solder wires to connect your parking sensor for the camera to these pins. Once this is done, push the pins together and insert back into the male drive. You can then push the block closed.

Step 3 - Remove the Wires

Take the wires from your camera that are now attached to the reverse gear connections, and pull them out through the bottom of the car. You may have to install the wire along the sides of the car using wire supports until you come to the front of the car. Drill a second small hole, and use the wire threader to drag the wire through the hole. Allow all of the wires needed to hang out of this hole, except for the one which is attached to the warning buzzer. Take this wire, and place it on the dashboard. Use the plug to insert it into the buzzer once you have fitted the rest of the wires.

Step 4 - Wire the Camera

Take the wires outside of the car, and bring them to the camera. You may need to solder a small tube of metal to the front of the car, which will protect your wires during rain or snow. Place the camera into position, and then plug the wires into the camera. Turn the camera on, and try it out. You should be warned when the parking camera spots any problems.