How to Install a Paver Walkway on a Slope

What You'll Need
Crushed rock
Landscape paint
Sod cutter
Landscape border

Paver walkways add character and definition to your landscape, garden, entrance area, or backyard path. There are plenty of different pavers to choose from, and installing them isn’t difficult when you have the right technique. However, installing pavers on a slope is slightly more complicated. Use this guide to begin.

Step 1 – Determine the Walkway’s Location

Before working on the sloped area, you must decide where you want the pathway to be located. Mark the outline of your walkway with some landscape paint, and choose an area with the least degree of slope possible. The more level your area is, the easier this project will be to complete.

Step 2 – Prepare the Ground

Once the ground has been marked with the paint, you can prepare it for the pavers. Use a sod cutter to cut through the sod and leave it in lengths that you can roll up and transport to other areas of your lawn. Once the sod is up, remove any rocks, roots, or other obstacles left.

Raking the Ground

To finish preparing the ground, rake it until it’s smooth and even. If you skip this part of the step, any depressions and holes left can hold onto water, which will weaken the foundation of your walkway.

Step 3 – Install a Border

Install a landscape border of your choice. Small, plastic borders that have a curved reveal are good for defining your space and giving you a reference point when edging your lawn. Set the border on the side of the area that has been cut out. Drive in stakes to hold it in place.

Step 4 – Spread Crushed Rock Over the Ground

With the soil prepared for the pavers, spread out a layer of crushed rock onto the ground that’s 2-inches deep. Smooth it with a rake, and then run over it with a compactor so make a solid surface for laying the pavers.

Step 5 – Install Your Pavers

Starting at the bottom of the walkway, lay out your pavers. Start in the center of the walkway and work out to the sides. If you need to cut any of the pavers, use a chisel to score them. Break the piece off with a hammer. Continue installing the pavers until the walkway is completed.

Step 6 – Spread Sand Over the Pavers

To cement the pavers in place, use concrete sand. Spread the sand over the top of the bricks, sweeping the sand into cracks and crevices. Use the compactor again to ensure your work is level.

Step 7 – Wash Away Excess Dirt

Finally, turn on a hose and spray it on your walkway to remove any standing dirt left on top of the walkway.