How to Install a Pedestal Bathroom Sink

What You'll Need
Electric drill
Two 2 by 4 boards
Lag screws
Silicone caulk

A pedestal bathroom sink always looks elegant in any setting. Aside from its aesthetic value, the sink is perfect for doing a half bath, which would overwhelm the limited space available in a vanity. Pedestal sinks were only made from enameled cast iron only, but makes began fabricating the sink from vitreous china in 1915, which is a glass like porcelain material. But, although pedestal sinks are very stylish, they present a somewhat difficult installation challenge. You must ensure that the supply and drain pipes are of the same height and at every turn in the installation, there is the danger of creating the “tink”, which is the sound that porcelain makes when there is a fastener that has been tightened too much. For installing the pedestal sink, you need to get hold of some materials, which you can find in any hardware store in your locality. If you are in an area where materials are scarce, you would find all of the items you will need from the internet.

Step 1 - Cutting the Boards

Cut the two 2 by 4 boards using the saw. Ensure that each of the boards is around 34 inches in length. You are going to use these boards to support the pedestal sink before they are attached to the wall.

Step 2 - Positioning the Basin

Position the basin and its pedestal the way that you want and brace the basin with the two 2 by 4 boards you have cut.

Step 3 - Making the Basin Outline

Once the basin has been properly braced, make an outline of the basin top on the wall. The bottom of the pedestal should be outlined on the floor as well using your marker. Locate the mounting points at the back of the basin as well as the bottom of the pedestal and make a reference points for them on the wall and floor.

Step 4 - Drilling the Mounting Holes

Remove the basin, pedestal and the bracing boards first and then drill pilot holes on the wall and floor using the electric drill. Take the reference points you have made as your guide.

Step 5 - Securing the Pedestal

Position the pedestal over the pilot holes you have drilled on the bathroom floor and secure it with lag screws. You can use the wrench for tightening them.

Step 6 - Securing the Basin

Place your basin on top of its pedestal and align its mounting holes with the pilot holes you have drilled through the wall. Take some lag screws and drive one on each of the mounting holes using the wrench.

Step 7 - Connecting the Pipes

The drain pipe should be connected to the pedestal while the water supply valves should be connected with the basin. Once you have successfully done it, take your silicone caulk and seal the crease that can be found between the back of your pedestal basin and the wall. Once you have completed the process, you are through with the installation of your pedestal basin and you can start enjoying its many useful advantages.