How to Install a Pellet-Stove Insert

wood pellets burning
  • 10-15 hours
  • Advanced
  • 200-1,000
What You'll Need
Pellet stove
Floor-cleaning materials

Pellet Stoves consume less fuel than other heating devices, making them cost-effective alternatives. These pellet-burning fireplaces are available in a wide range of designs, and they support either top- or bottom-fed stoves — both easy to operate. You can even install the stove in a pre-existing fireplace space. Install one with the article below.

Step 1 – Locate a Suitable Position

For the pellet stove to work effectively, you must place it in a convenient, suitable location. While a fireplace is a good place to install the appliance, it can be installed in any fire-safe area. Also make sure that the area has plenty of ventilation.

Step 2 – Buy a Quality Stove

Buy an easy-to-use, high-quality pellet stove. You can choose between an electrical and a gas supply, depending on what is readily available, or which energy source you prefer. To save money, consider restoring a used pellet stove. In addition, you should choose which wood pellets you want to buy for your stove. Softer, shorter pellets burn warmer for longer.

Step 3 – Prepare the Area

Prepare the area by cleaning the floor and lining it with a protective material, such as refractory cement. Complete this step in advance, as a material such as cement can take a few days to dry.

Cleaning the Fireplace

Clean the fireplace and remove materials such as wood, soot, bird’s nests, and debris. Use a brush to sweep the chimney flue. Before installing, make sure the area is thoroughly dry.

Step 4 – Position Your Pellet Stove

Place the new pellet stove in the fireplace. Position it so that smoke wastes have direct access to the chimney. Do not place it near furniture, curtains, or other flammable items. Also ensure it’s placed next to a power or gas supply so that you can configure it to work.

Step 5 – Configure the Gas or Power Supply

Depending on the type of power supply your appliance requires, you must make sure it has easy access to proper outlets. For an electric power supply, check that the plug has a direct outlet that is configured to match its voltage, ground, and polarity.

If the pellet stove requires a gas supply, make sure it has a direct connection and the switch is properly connected to the appliance. Be careful when working with gas, and if you haven't worked with gas before, call a professional to help you.

Step 6 – Test the Pellet Stove

Place fuel in the pellet-stove insert, turn on the switch, and enjoy your new appliance.