How to Install a Pet Door in Your Bifold French Doors

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  • 4-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Right Angle
Measuring Tape
Drill Bits

Bifold French doors are very popular because they look unique and have many other benefits. However, some people can struggle to install pet doors in their bifold french doors.

Installing a pet door in your home will make it possible for your dog or cat to roam around your home unaided. Animals like to go outside by themselves and that's why fitting a pet door will make this easy for them.

It's possible to complete this project in a couple of hours with no more than a couple of hours. It will also help to save you a lot of money since hiring a professional isn't necessary.

Removing the Door

The first thing that you need to do is remove the door from the tracks. A bifold door is held into the tracks by spring-loaded pins. Press down the pins and remove the doors. Lay them down flat on a protected work surface and start removing the glass panel. You will want to convert one glass panel into a pet flap, in which case only one piece of glass needs to be removed.

Removing the glass is easy, remove the wood and nails which hold the sheet of glass in. Do this carefully because you won't want to destroy the whole sheet of glass.

Marking the Glass

Most pet doors have a template included in the box, this is the size of the hole that you need to make in the door in order to make it fit properly. Use a glass marker to mark the shape of the hole on the glass and then carefully put this onto a flat surface. Remove the template from the sheet of glass and check that the marks on the glass are correct and in the right place.

Make sure that the glass is marked accurately because any mistakes here could affect the success of the whole project. If there are any gaps around the dog door then this can be unsafe and look unsightly.

Cutting the Glass

Next, you must cut the glass. This can be very complicated and you will need to go slowly. Don't risk rushing this because you will only end up breaking the glass. Use a specialist glass cutter to carefully cut the hole in the glass. If the dog door is the same size as one of the panes of glass then it will be possible to avoid cutting the glass.

Fitting the Glass

Once the hole is cut into the glass you then need to fix it back into the door. Use the same method of fixing the glass that was used before. This will ensure that the glass is securely in place.

Fitting the Dog Door

When the glass is fitted in the right position then it will be possible to fit the dog door to the hole in the glass. You will need to do this carefully to avoid any damage. Follow the instructions and make sure that both sides of the dog door are fitted properly.

Replacing the Door

Replace the door in the frame by pressing down the pins and then placing the door back into the tracks. Check that the door opens and closes properly and that the dog door doesn't cause any problems or restrict the movement of the door.