How to Install a Pet Doorbell How to Install a Pet Doorbell

If you want to make sure that you always know when your dog is asking to go outside, all you need to do is install a pet doorbell. These doorbells are easy to install and allow your pet to tell you when they need to do their business. 

Different Types, Different Installation

There are a variety of different styles of pet doorbells, from a pad the dog steps on when he wants to go out to a wireless collar that dings whenever the dog gets within three feet of the door. But the best and easiest pet doorbell is the traditional doorbell that your dog can ring with his paw or nose.

Tools Needed

All you will need to install your pet doorbell is a hook or nail and a hammer.

Easy Installation

Holding your pet doorbell up to the wall next to the door, measure how far down you will need the doorbell to be so your dog can nudge it with his nose or paw. Mark the spot where you will need to hammer in the nail or hook that the doorbell will hang on. Install the nail or hook. Once this is done, all you need to do is hang your pet doorbell. It’s that easy. 

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