How to Install a Pneumatic Door Closer

  • 1-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15-300
What You'll Need
Jamb mounting bracket
Hold open washer
Door mounting bracket
Adjustment screw
Connecting pins (long & short)
Short screws

Pneumatic door closers prevent the door from slamming shut because of the elements (like the wind) or little children who come in and out of the house. The pneumatic door closers are more commonly used in homes unlike the big, commercial hydraulic closers we see everywhere in schools and malls. The pneumatic closers are not limited to doors only; you can have them installed on screen doors and patio doors as well. They can be purchased in any home improvement store and are relatively easy to install. Here is a step-by-step guide for your project.

Step 1–Choose Where to Install Door Closer

Select a model and color that matches well the woodwork of your interior. Then start the installation process by making sure the door is fully closed, ensuring maximum tension. Pick a spot where you intend to install your door closer. The standard duty pneumatic door closer is usually installed on the top portion of the door or at the center area.

Step 2–Place Jab Mounting Bracket

Position your jamb mounting bracket with the open side about ¼ of an inch away from the door. Do not move the jamb bracket more than ¼ inch away from the door or you will not be able to open your door properly.

Step 3–Connect Washer

Slide the hold open washer unto the rod. Connect the washer to the jamb mounting bracket by means of a short connecting pin. Now, you have to attach the door bracket to the closer tube’s front hole using the long connecting pin. When the closer and the door bracket are in a level position to the door, mark and drill two 1/8 inch pilot holes. Remember to not drill all the way through the door. If you wish a smoother and quieter closing action, attach the door bracket to the closer tube’s rear hole instead (if present).

Step 4–Latch Door Bracket

Latch your door bracket to the door with short screws. Then, open the door and move the hold open washer on the rod. The installation of your door closer is now complete. You can regulate the closing speed of your door by turning the adjustment screw at the bottom of the closer tube.

Step 5–Enjoy the Benefits

Now that your door closer is installed and operational, you can enjoy a little peace and quiet, not being bothered by the constant slamming and shutting of the door. As an added advantage, the door closer helps in making your door last longer. It also prevents physical damage inflicted by constant slamming. The door closer can act as a safety precaution especially when infants and toddlers are around. A door suddenly closing while small children are passing through can cause great harm to them. The door closer prevents that from happening by giving the children time to pass safely through the door.