How to Install a Pond Spitter

What You'll Need
Pond spitter
Pump kit
Electric extension cord (rated for outdoor use)

A pond spitter can add a nice fountain effect to your pond. A pond spitter is a sculpture with fountain tubing inside that has a spout where the water is pumped out. Spitters come in shapes from angels to animals and you can find one to fit the style of your outdoor landscaping.

Step 1 – Choose the Spitter

When choosing a spitter consider the size in proportion to your pond. You will need to purchase the spitter and pump kit. The kit has a fountain pump and the tubing you will need to connect it to the spitter.

Step 2 – Attach the Tube

Attach the tube to the spitter. Place the spitter where you like being sure that when it sprays out it stays within the pond. 

Step 3 – Install the Pump

Place the pump in the water. You can conceal it with plants or stones.

Step 4 – Connect the Electricity

Run an outdoor-rated electric cord from the pump to a nearby outlet and plug it in.

Now your pond spitter is ready to go and you can enjoy the splash of water in your pond.