How to Install a Pondless Waterfall

If you long for the melodious, calming sound of playful water but have limited space, consider a pondless waterfall

What is a Pondless Waterfall?

A pondless waterfall is a natural looking cascade travelling through rocks and boulders over a flat stone to create a curtain of water that disappears into a bed of ornamental gravel complete with aquatic plants. Your ‘pond’ is actually underground, saving you space. 

Ideal for front yards, schools, businesses, people who travel a lot or those with young children, the pondless waterfall can be activated by an electrical switch just like a water fountain. You can utilize the area to install anything from a triple-tiered to a single-step fall. It is easier to make and maintain than a regular pond and can be created over the course of a weekend.                                

Step 1 - Select the Area

Select the area for maximum visibility. You may want to enjoy the view from both indoors and out, or you may wish to enhance the roadside appeal of your home or business. Clear plants, shrubs and trees from the area, ensuring that the location of the water feature will have a nearby supply of electricity. if you do not have a readily available source for electricity, you will need the services of a professional electrician.  

Step 2 - Begin Work

Start digging! Having prepared the hole, position the pump unit in the excavated space. Mark where the housing unit will sit and dig a few inches deeper so the snorkel is below grade to ensure water can easily be drawn into the pump. 

Step 3 - Lay the Liner

Remove the housing unit and lay the first of two liners. The first liner acts against any natural gasses entering the water flow. Place the second liner on top of the first to serve as a waterproof membrane, making sure you have plenty of overlap at the edges.  

Step 4 - Replace Housing Unit

Replace the pump housing unit in the lined hole and follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely as to how to correctly assemble and attach the hose. 

Step 5 - Place the Rocks

Fill the excavation with rocks using larger, low quality rocks first. Include smaller rocks to fill in the gaps. Once completed, use larger quarry rocks to build the face of the waterfall. 

Step 6 - Assembly

Having completed the lower pond section, attend to the upper area. Level and assemble the waterfall unit. This unit will sit directly at the top of the falls. A metal clamp secures the hose to the unit and, if you place the unit at the edge of the falls, fortify it with soil so that it is flush with the ground. 

Step 7 - Final Touches

Cut away any excess liner round the pool area and attach the membrane to the lip of the waterfall unit, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Conceal the unit with more quarry rocks. Below, at pond level, cover the rock-filled hole with gravel and completely saturate with water, using a water hose. Plug in the pump and, instantly, your waterfall should be up and running!