How to Install a Pool Above Ground How to Install a Pool Above Ground

There are a few important points in knowing how to install a pool above ground and if you get those done correctly, the rest is just following directions. The main important points to remember is to build it level, square, and round. You can’t go wrong if the ground is level under the pool, the sides are squarely at 90 degrees to the ground and the pool is round, or oval. Here are the steps in how to install a pool.

Prepare Ground

This is a critical step to success, so take the time to make sure the ground is level. Dig out the high spots instead of trying to fill the low spots. Install flat patio stones at each upright location per instructions and double check they are level to the ground and to each other. Level and tamp a minimum of 2 inches of clean soft sand or masonry sand.

Wall Assembly

Put the frame and wall structure together according to manufacturer’s instructions. Check that the sides are at a square 90 degrees to the ground and the sides form perfectly the intended shape of the pool. Install the pool base bevel cove around the inside of the pool.

Liner Installation

Install the liner, taking care to smooth out wrinkles and folds as carefully as possible. The goal is a wrinkle free liner, but be careful not to stretch or stress the liner trying to be wrinkle free. Some small wrinkles in the liner is normal and acceptable.

Finishing Touches

Finish the external framework, caps and trim. Install loosely, then recheck that the side supports are square and plumb, then tighten all the way. Setup pump and filter system and you are ready to fill your pool with water.

Following the important points in how to install a pool above ground will make your pool installation a success.



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