How To Install A Pool Shade

The installation of a pool shade can bring a lot more enjoyment to your pool area during very hot days. Your pool are can get quite hot during the intense heat of mid summer days. A pool shade will help to not only shield you from sunburn but also bring down the temperatures to a more tolerable level. The installation of a pool shade is an easy project and is done rather quickly.

Materials Needed

•Pool shade
•2 poles

Step One - Try Different Locations

Before installing the pool shade around your pool, try it out in different areas to see where it will benefit you the most. You want to get the most protection that you can during the day. Spend a few days to see where the shade will keep the most sun out of the pool area during the day. As the sun moves across the sky it will change the angle of the shade produced by other objects like trees and houses.

Step Two - Dig Holes

The poles for the pool shade need to be installed in a specific way for the pool shade to work. While you are searching for a good spot for the pool shade, also keep in mind to try to keep the area as level as possible. Dig four holes for posts that will hold up your pool shade. These holes should be as deep as you can get them, at least 4 to 5 feet. The extra depth is for added strength during windy days.

As much as the pool shade will keep the temperatures of the pool down to a tolerable level, it will also act as a sail. Then the wind hits it, there will be tremendous pressure applied to it. If the poles are not set in deep enough, it could rip them out of the ground. To add more strength to the poles, pour in cement to the level of the ground. Attach braces to the poles so they are kept plumb until the cement cures. Give the cement at least 48 hours to complete set.

Step Three - Install Pool Shade

Once the poles have had time to set, then remove the braces and begin assembling the hardware for the pool shade. Most shades will attach by using a large metal grommet hooked to some sort of latch on the top of the pole. With a ladder, climb to the top of the poles and attach the required hardware. Once all four posts have been complete, then begin to raise up the shade. Connect each grommet to the latches and adjust for a secure fit.

When working with the shade, keep in mind that if there is any wind it will act as a giant sail. If you are not taking the right precautions it can blow you off the ladder. Use a security strap and enlist the help of a few friends to help lift the shade as one. This will cut down on the amount of pull from the wind. If this is not an option, take every precaution necessary to ensure your safety.