How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner in Your RV

What You'll Need
1 Roof-mounted, Portable RV air conditioner
Connecting wires
115volts, 1-ceiling assembly panel mount
Mounting bolts

The mechanism involving the installation of a portable air conditioner in an RV is the same as setting it up in the homes. Make sure that all wiring connections are done properly to have the unit functioning safely.

Step 1: Location

Determine where best to install the portable unit by the roof part of the RV. The portable air conditioner should be put up with the borders distancing not less than 8 inches from the roof edge.

Step 2: Unit House

Make a square incision on the RV roof to house the attachments of the topmost part of the portable air conditioner unit with the ceiling part. Mark spot for mounting bolts location.

Step 3: Mounting

Place the roof part of the portable air conditioner unit at the hole made securing with mounting bolts. The insides of the RV securing the ceiling part should be bolted too prior to placing and locking in the ceiling unit.

Step 4: Wirings

Attach the wirings properly to their designated locations using color coding scheme on wires.

Step 5: Power On

Plug the ceiling unit connector to the roof unit for power supply. Turn on unit.