How to Install a Pre-fab Handicapped Shower How to Install a Pre-fab Handicapped Shower

What You'll Need
Handicapped Shower Enclosure
2 by 4 Studs
Drill and Bits
Caulking Gun

Remodeling a bathroom for the use of a handicapped shower can be done very easily with a pre-fab shower stall. When there is a handicapped person living in your home, a normal shower and tub is not going to work very well. In order to give the person some privacy, and independence, a pre-fab shower stall will help them a great deal. These shower stalls are easily installed once the old tub and shower have been removed.

Step 1: Move Unit into Bathroom

A pre-fab shower stall is a large one piece unit. You must make sure that it is going to fit in your home and into the bathroom. You may need to enlist the help of a few friends in order to maneuver it up or down any flight of stairs. 

Step 2: Build Shower Enclosure

Once you have the shower stall inside the bathroom where it will be installed, you can see how much room you are going to have. Take some measurements and then build the shower enclosure. Cut the 2 by 4 studs to size and secure them to the top and bottom plates. Generally, the enclosure will only have three sides, as the front of the shower stall is open for handicap access. 

Step 3: Do Rough Plumbing

With the shower enclosure completed, you can then move to installing the rough plumbing. You will need to install both hot and cold water supply lines with a drain in the center of the stall. It is important to have a plumber do this job, or have them inspect it for you so that it is up to building code. 

Step 4: Apply Caulking to Studs and Floor

After the plumbing has been inspected and has passed, you can then slide the pre-fab handicapped shower stall into place. Be careful to slide it in straight and not at an angle. This can cause a lot of stress on the stall, which can result in a crack. Apply some adhesive caulking to the studs and the floor of the enclosure before sliding the stall in.

Step 5: Install Shower Stall

Slide the shower stall into the enclosed space. Press the sides into the adhesive for a strong bond. Secure the pre-fab with some screws and then coat them with silicone caulking. The screws will be near the top and bottom edge. 

Step 6: Cut Holes for Plumbing Fixtures

Most pre-fab shower stalls do not come with the holes for the fixtures. You can do this easily through the use of a drill and hole saw. Make sure to take accurate measurements as to where the handles will go. Hold the drill straight and carefully drill the hole into the stall.

Step 7: Install Fixtures and Door

Install the water control and the shower head into the handicapped shower stall. Set the drain in the bottom of the stall and attach the door. With this completed, you can turn the water on. Let the water run for awhile to make sure there are no leaks and the water drains correctly. 

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