How To Install A Pull-Chain Light Fixture

light bulb with pull chain
What You'll Need
Pull chain light fixture
12 x 3 electrical wiring
Insulated side cutting pliers
Drywall saw
Ceiling Electrical Box
Phillips screwdriver or power screwdriver
Wire strippers
Staple gun

A pull chain light fixture is easy to install and it is a great option for rooms that don't require a dedicated light switch, such as closets and basements.

Step 1 - Get the Ceiling Electrical Box

If you will be installing your light into existing drywall then get a cut-in ceiling box. If it will be installed before drywall or in a location without drywall, install a standard ceiling electrical box.

Step 2 - Prepare the Installation Location

Determine where you will be installing your pull-chain light fixture. If it is a drywall ceiling, then cut out a circle using your drywall saw. Do not install your box yet.

Step 3 - Run the Wire

ceiling light

If possible, you should run the electrical wire through the attic or basement. If you are running it through the attic then use your staple gun to anchor it onto every third stud. Try to move it in straight lines, but avoid sharp 90 degree turns. If you have to run it externally, then run it through conduit and mount the conduit to the wall and ceiling.

Step 4 - Install Your Ceiling Box

Push the wires through the cable channel of your electrical ceiling box. If you are using a drywall cut in box, tighten the screws on either side until it is tight and flush with the ceiling. If you are using a standard electrical box, hammer the nails into the stud you want your light mounted too.

Step 5 - Connect the Wires

Use your strippers to strip around one inch of insulation from the wires. If you are using an insulated cable, such as romex, you can use a razor knife to slice either side and pull the outer insulation off. Connect the hot wire to the copper screw, the neutral wire to the silver screw and the ground to the green screw. Use your side cutter pliers to tightly wrap the wire around the screws.

Step 6 - Screw In the Pull Chain Light

Use a screwdriver to screw the pull chain light into the ceiling box.

Step 7 - Wire It to Electricity

Cut the power to the outlet that you will be working on using the circuit breaker. To be safe use a voltmeter if you have one available to verify that the outlet is dead. Remove the outlet from the electrical box and wire your new electric wire up to the outlet. Remember, if this electrical outlet is attached to a switch, you must connect the wires to the constant hot side. Usually the top side is the constant hot side.

Step 7 - Test Your New Light

Turn on the breaker power. Pull the chain and you have light!