How to Install a Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Faucet Part 2

What You'll Need
Adjustable Wrench

After the pull out spray kitchen faucet is secured in the sink, the next steps would be to connect the tubes to the faucet and to the water supply, as well as attaching the spray head. Below is the step by step guide to installing a pull-out spray kitchen faucet.

Step 1 – Connect Tubes to the Faucet

The pull out spray kitchen faucet has two tubes for both hot and cold water supply. The cold water supply hose is usually marked blue, while the hot water supply hose is marked red. Check out the manual for the faucet to see which faucet hose is to be connected to the hot or cold water supply. Attach the supply hoses to their respective valves. If there is no way to tell which supply line is for the hot or cold water supply, you'll have to resort to trial and error. Connect the spray hose to the third supply line in the faucet. Make use of an adjustable wrench to tighten all compression nuts that connect the supply lines to their corresponding valves.

Step 2 – Attach the Weight to the Pull-out Hose

The pull out spray kitchen faucet package comes with a weight that is designed to retract the pullout hose during installation. Connect the weight to the pullout hose properly according to the manufacturer’s instruction. The weight is not a necessary part of the faucet, but is included to help during the installation.

Step 3 – Connect the Pull-out Hose to the Receiving Tube

At the end of the pull out hose, there is a quick connect housing. Work under the sink to connect this end to the receiving tube. 

Step 4 – Flush the Faucet

Before using the faucet, it is recommended to flush the whole faucet with water to ensure that no debris is left inside the supply lines. To do this, remove the spray head first. Use an adjustable wrench to loosen the hose fitting. The procedure is typically done counterclockwise. If the fitting does not loosen, turn it clockwise. Open the water supply and turn on the faucet to remove any debris inside the supply lines. Reconnect the spray head on the faucet by turning the fitting clockwise.

Step 5 – Maintenance

Clean the aerator in the spray head occasionally. The aerator in the spray head usually gets clogged with debris over time. Remove the aerator from the spray head using an adjustable wrench and clean the debris that clogs the small holes. Turn on the faucet to flush any other debris that got caught up in the spray head. Once the aerator is clean, place it back on the spray head.

Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

When installing a pull out spray kitchen faucet, always remember to turn off the water supply. Turn it on only when testing the faucet and after finishing the installation.

Remember not to tighten all nuts excessively to prevent damage.