How to Install a Quarry Tile Floor Part 2

Now that you have done the preparation for your quarry tile floor installation, you are ready to get started installing the tile. At this point, you have already decided on a layout and you simply need to get the tile on the floor. Here are the basics of how to continue your quarry tile installation project. (This is Part 2 of a 3 part series. Click to view Part 1 or Part 3.)

Step 1—Mixing the Thinset

Before you can lay the tile, you will first need to mix up the thinset. This typically comes in large bags in powder form. You will need to pour some of the powder into a bucket. Read the side of the bag and determine how much water you will need to mix with the thinset. Pour the appropriate amount of water into the bucket. Start stirring the mixture with a stick, screwdriver, or trowel. You can also get an attachment that will hook up to an electric drill to easily mix the thinset. This works much like a blender does. Mix the thinset so that it is about the consistency of peanut butter before getting started with the installation.

Step 2—Applying Thinset

Once the thinset is mixed up, you can start applying it to the floor. Take your trowel and scoop some of it out onto the floor. Then take your trowel and spread it over the floor. You should be using a v-notched trowel that creates small grooves in the thinset. You should only spread out a little bit of the thinset at a time so that you do not create a mess. If you have dips in the floor, you may have to apply some extra thinset to the spot.

Step 3—Placing the First Tile

Once you have spread out some thinset, you are then ready to place your first tile. Put the tile directly in the corner of the chalk line that you made earlier. Press it firmly down into the thinset. Once it is on the floor, take your level and set it on top of the tile. If the tile is not completely level, press down on one side of it until it is.

Step 4—Tile Spacers

You will then need to use tile spacers to ensure that you have the a broker it spacing between your tiles. Press a tile space or down into the thinset on the corners of the tile. There are many different sizes of tile spacers that you could potentially use. Just determine how wide you want your grout joints to be and purchase the appropriate spacer.

Step 5—Continue Laying Tiles

Now that you have tile spacers in place, you can install the next tile. Press the tile into the thinset right up against the tile spacers. Use your level to determine if the second tile is level. Put tile spacers on the corners of the new tile and then continue placing more tiles in the same manner. Continue laying all of the uncut tiles that are necessary.