How to Install a Quarry Tile Floor Part 3 How to Install a Quarry Tile Floor Part 3

You should now be almost ready to complete your quarry tile floor installation. You should be well on your way to covering the floor with tiles and now you will need to fit tiles into the gap near the wall. Here are the basics of how to complete your quarry tile floor installation. (This is Part 3 of a 3 part series. To return to Part 2, click here.)

Step 1—Cut Tiles to Fit

You should have all of the whole pieces of tile installed in a row going towards the wall. At this point, another whole piece of tile will not fit. This means that you will need to cut a piece of tile to fill in the gap. Take your tape measure and determine the distance that needs to be covered. Measure the distance on the back of a piece of tile and mark it with a marker or a wax pencil.

You will then need to use a wet saw to make the cut. Place your tile onto the saw and hold it firmly in place. The wet saw should pump water on to the diamond tipped blade of the saw. Move the saw along the tile to make the cut in the appropriate place.

Step 2—Apply Adhesive

Now that you have a smaller piece of tile to install, you will need to apply adhesive to the back of it. Use a trowel to scoop some of the adhesive onto the back of the tile. Then turn your trowel and use it to smooth out the adhesive on the back. You should have some straight grooves formed in the adhesive. Make sure to remove any excess adhesive on the back of the tile and put it back in your bucket of adhesive.

Step 3—Insert the Tile

Now that you have applied adhesive to the back of the tile, it is time to put it in place. Take the tile and turn the cut side out towards the wall. Then press the piece of tile down onto the floor firmly. Push it up against the tile spacers from the adjacent piece of tile. If there is a small gap between the piece of tile and the wall, this is completely fine. You will be able to cover up the gap with your baseboards later.

Step 4—Grout

After you allow the adhesive to set up overnight, you will be ready to grout. Mix up some grout in a bucket. Use a grout float or a trowel to place the grout in the grout joints. Move your trowel across the grout joint in a perpendicular motion to the grout lines. Make sure that you fill out each grout line with grout.

Step 5—Clean the Floor

Use a sponge and water to wipe down the floor. This will smooth out your grout lines and remove excess grout.

Step 6—Seal the Floor

Quarry tile needs to be sealed because it does not have any glaze on the top. Use a tile sealer and cover the entire surface of the tile. You should wait a few days for the grout to cure before sealing. You can use a mop or a rag to apply the sealer.

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