How to Install a Range Hood Exhaust Fan

What You'll Need
Exhaust hood with mounting hardware
Volt meter
Electric drill
Wire caps

A range hood exhaust fan keeps the kitchen area free of various smells coming from cooking and other odors. It is practical to install the exhaust fan to get the maximum benefit from it. There are no special tools needed for the installation but a work buddy may be helpful to have on hand.

Step 1-Turn off the Main Power Supply

Switch off the breaker switch for the power to the range. Using a volt meter, test that there is no current running along the electrical wiring in the cabinet over the range. The wires should be measured to ensure that its length will reach the exhaust hood to be installed. If rewiring is needed, an electrician should be hired to do the job.

Step 2-Mark the Spot

Have a work partner hold the range exhaust hood assembly over the cabinet while you make the mark where it is to be installed. Make markings on the holes where the screws will be mounted. The important thing is to ensure that the hood placed in the center area which is directly above the range. With the use of a carpenter’s level, the hood should come hanging straight.

Step 3-Drill the Holes

With the use of an electric drill, make holes based on the markings made.

Step 4-Remove the Exhaust Hood Cover

Take out the section that is covering the electrical wiring of the exhaust hood. There may be some screws or hooks that needs to be removed so that the retention clip would release the panel. There are some designs of hoods made this way. With a screwdriver, open the knockout plug at the back of the hood. When opened, a hole where electrical wirings go through will be seen.

Step 5-Install the Exhaust Hood

While your work partner holds up the exhaust hood, threat the wires onto the hole. The wires should be pulled all the way through as the work partner pushes the hood closer to the wall. When the exhaust hood is completely pushed to the wall, the mounting screws should be inserted into the holes that were drilled earlier. Screws should be tightened to such a point that the hood could be held in place securely.

Step 6-Attach the Wires 

Attach now the wires for the fan and the light fixture. Match the black wires from the ones in the home to the black wires for the hood. The same procedure should be done on the white wires. Both the black and the white wires should be secured with electrician’s wire caps.  The green wire from the home should be wrapped around the range hood’s ground screw.

Step 7-Reassemble the Range

Keep the wires into the exhaust hood. The cover should be put back to the electrical panel of the hood then secure the screw or the retention clip. Turn back on the breaker switch controlling the range.