How to Install a Recessed Shower Shelf

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What You'll Need
Wooden planks
Hand held saw
Measuring tape
Stud finder
Wood glue
Frame square
Iron nails
Long scale
Small pieces of wood for support

A recessed shower shelf is incredibly visually appealing, as well as a practical way to store items you use in the shower. Installing a recessed shelf is actually pretty easy if you follow these steps.

Step 1 - Establish Coordinates

Use the electronic stud finder to locate a position on the wall that is free from the wires and pipes. An electronic stud finder is an instrument that indicates the location of studs, wires, and pipes behind the wall.

Step 2 - Mark the Coordinates

Once the space between two studs is found, use a pencil to mark the exact position of the joints. Using the long scale, join the coordinates with the straight line to make a box on the wall. Doing so will determine the size of the recessed shower shelf frame.

Step 3 - Incise the Wall

Use the handheld saw to incise the wall at the marked coordinates. Remove the section of wall along the straight lines. Next, measure the exact length, width, and the depth of the opening in the wall to make the recessed shelf frame the same size.

Step 4 - Build the Recessed Shower Shelf Frame

Cut the wood. Gather the different pieces and attach them to the edges with glue. Use the frame square to evenly match the edges of the wooden frame. Keep a single side of the frame open. The back side of the frame must be closed with a wooden sheet. Let the glue dry, then put the frame into the cut space in the wall to check whether it fits evenly. Remove the box and seal the joints at the edges with the iron nails. Fit the support for the shelves into the frame.

Step 5 - Prepare Frame Support

From the remaining wood, cut two pieces as thick as the recess in the wall. These pieces will support the recessed shelf frame by being screwed into the studs. The pieces are used as a support at the base of the frame.

Step 6 - Fit the Recessed Shelf Frame

Now that the shelf frame is complete, fit it into the wall recess. Tap it around the corners with a hammer if necessary. Screw the frame into the wall to hold it in place firmly. Put the shelves over their supports. The recessed shower shelf is now ready and can be further decorated with paint and other creative finishes.