How to Install a Removable Car Headrest Monitor

What You'll Need
Removable car headrest monitor kit for your make and model vehicle
Rigid wire fishing tool (if one is not included in your kit)
AV controller box

Having the knowledge to install a removable car headrest monitor can save you costly installation fees. The truth of the matter is that installing a removable car headrest monitor takes a small amount of time and very little electrical knowledge. In fact, many companies are now coming out with easy install kits for many late model vehicles.

Step 1 – Remove the Existing Headrest

Push the release tabs on the bottom of the current headrest. Remove it carefully and place to the side. You will want to keep the original headrest should you need it later. If you are having a problem removing the headrest do not force it. You may damage the seat for the next headrest. Just go slowly and use WD-40 if necessary.

Step 2 – Use the Fishing Tool

If you bought a removable car headrest kit you will have a fishing tool of some kind. Use the fishing tool by inserting the cables to the removable headrest monitor to the fishing tool and carefully guiding the tool and wires from the post guide to the low corner back of the car set.

Step 3 – Insert the New Headrest

Insert the removable headrest monitor with the IR channel A into the drivers side headrest area. You will then place the removable headrest monitor marked as IR channel B into the passenger seat headrest area. These pieces will slide into the headrest tubes. Do not force them in. If it is certain that the pieces do not fit into the headrest areas then check that you have the correct make and model kit for your vehicle.

Step 4 – Route the Cables

Now that the headrests are in place you need to route the cables. Remember to route the cables to the headrest under the car seat and towards the location of the A/V controller. Secure the wires with just a small amount of slack. The slack is to allow for the passenger to move their seat backwards and forwards.

Step 5 – Wire and Finish Installation

The A/V controller is fairly straight forward. You will now take the routed cables from the previous step and connect them to the appropriately marked sockets on the A/V controller. Once you have completed this step you will need to check the sound and video. When you have confirmed that the sound and video on your removable car headrest monitor you have completed installation.

Remember that self installation is generally easy to accomplish with the right patience and tools. Read all of the instructions that come with your kit carefully and follow each direction as it is stated by the manufacturer. By following the instructions and taking your time the installation you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your freshly installed removable car headrest monitor.