How to Install a Replacement Slider Window Part 1

What You'll Need
Replacement slider windows
Measuring tape
Caulking gun
Utility knife
Pry bar
Protective overalls
Working gloves

Replacement slider window are energy efficient which makes them useful interior additions in the home. They also add aesthetic value to a room depending on how they are installed. To benefit from their energy saving capability, have them fixed in the home as vinyl, wooden or metal replacement slider windows. They are easy to install and the project does not consume a lot of time.

Step 1 – Measure Windows

If the windows are high up on the wall secure a ladder and make sure it is firm and safe. Use a tape measure to take the accurate figures for the new window to be installed. Stretch the tape measure from the jambs on the left and right and note down the length and width.

Step 2 – Prepare Window

It is advisable to install the new replacement window from the inside of the house. Remove the outside sash and take care of the weights on the window. Use a knife to cut the sash cords or chains. Let the weights drop to the bottom of their wells and leave them there. Remove the inside sash and  the parting beads as well.

Carefully get rid of the inside stop pieces, do not spoil or damage them as they can be reused when installing the new window. Be careful with the exterior stop on the window jamb when removing the sash, they will be used to retain the new replacement window.

Step 3 – Clean the Window

Use a stiff brush or steel wool to remove dirt, old paint and debris from the window, jambs and sill. Use a sand paper to even out the surface and watch out for gaps or cracks. Even out the surface with caulk, give it time to dry before cleaning the window. Use soapy water and a rag and rinse properly.

Step 4 – Install Replacement Window

Load caulk gun and carefully place an even bead of caulk on the inside of the outside stops on the jambs. Carefully install the sill angle and position the top and bottom sashes vertically on the frame of the window.

Slide bumper stops to the center of the frame and make sure the 4 mounting holes in the side jambs are visible. Position the header on top of the window and caulk the top part.  Place the new window in the opening and make sure it is positioned evenly. Use a square and shims to insure it is positioned correctly.

Step 5 – Secure Window

Use a screwdriver to fasten the top and bottom part of the window. Take care not to over tighten the screws as they can easily damage the jamb. Locate the top and bottom sashes and slide them in position, make sure they operate smoothly. Finch installation by caulking the inside of the window and attach the inside stops. Check that the window is secure and firm and clear out the area.