How to Install a Retractable Screen Door

What You'll Need
Retractable screen door kit
Hack saw or 10-inch miter saw
Wood trimming
Hammer and nails

A retractable screen door is designed like the old window shade pulls, except the door is in a vertical position and then runs left to right on the track. You can choose from several types of models when you install a retractable screen door: outside units and ones that install directly into your doorjamb. The easiest package to install is the external mounted unit, as the frame-mounted ones will take more work to get them secured into the framing of your door.

Step 1 - Measure and Install the Trim

Before installing your retractable screen door, you will have to mount trim all the way around the door to hold the housing. This should be wide enough to hold the screen framing and tracks once it is mounted. Mount your trim around the outside of your doorframe and make sure it is secure enough that it doesn't come loose during construction. This sill is going to hold your screen cassette and tracks out of the way to prevent guests from tripping on the track as they enter or exit the area.

Step 2 - Mount the Retractable Screen Unit

The trim should be mounted within the required distances. The actual screen mechanism will be mounted to the doorjamb and the trim on one side of the door. Use your mounting clamps to secure it into place; be sure to check clearances for the actual track. The screen will mount on the hinge side of your door frame, to prevent it from impeding movement in and out of your doorway. You will want to ensure that the screen cassette is cut to fit your door properly, and it needs to be mounted to allow the top and bottom tracks to line up from end to end.

Step 3 - Cut and Install the Tracks for the Door

The retractable screen door unit mounts to the frame and should sit in between the top and bottom trim you have added. You will now need to measure and cut the track so it lies flush on the trim and hooks properly into the actual mounted unit. All parts, including the screen, can be cut with a miter saw to fit them to size in your doorway. Be sure you do not cut any of your parts too short. They must mount into place and not interrupt your doorway's functionality. When you install the tracks, you will notice small holes on one side of them: These are water drain holes and should be facing the outside of your home.

Step 4 - Adjust Your Retractable Screen Door

Once the retractable screen door is mounted into place, you will want to adjust the top and bottom tracks so the door will open and close smoothly. If it has a latch or locking handle, you would then close the door and take the needed measurements to mount the door lock into the required position for it to operate properly.