How to Install a Roof Safety Harness Anchor

What You'll Need
Anchor kit
Ropes that are connected to harness
Safety harness
Good pair of non-skid boots or shoes

Using a roof safety harness in any roof project is key. This will help in preventing injuries and damage to yourself, or others. Read these few simple steps on how to install roof safety harness anchors to ensure your safety.

Step 1 - Purchase a Kit

Purchasing an anchor kit will provide you with the hardware needed to do the installation.

Step 2 - Place the Anchors

You will want to start by placing the anchors over a rafter or truss. Secure these by using the hardware that is provided in your kit.

Step 3 - Attach the "Life Line"

The first rope that you will attach is referred to as the "life line."

Step 4 - Attach the "Rope Grab"

The second rope you will attach is the "rope grab." This simply fits over the first rope.

Step 5 - Attach the Final Rope

The final rope you will be attaching is the lanyard. This runs from the rope grab onto the roof harness.

Step 6 - Attach Yourself

Make sure you are wearing a safety harness, and correctly attach yourself to the above system. Common sense is the most important step you can take in this roof project.