How to Install a Roof Soffit on a Gable How to Install a Roof Soffit on a Gable

A roof soffit is made of several materials such a vinyl, aluminum, drywall or wood. The soffit is used to cover up the lower side of the roof projections imparting it a gracious appearance. Most of the wood soffit material is generally available in the form of wood strips, which are 12 inches wide. The required sizes can be cut from these strips to match your needs for fitting on sub-fascia. The installation of soffit on gable on the attic involves fixing it on the horizontal projected portions. The safety requirements for working are rigid as the gable is located at the high levels and as such it also appears to be a bit tricky. However, it is feasible to do it easily using the appropriate tools. Installing the soffit conceals the framing trusses and piping or cabling running in the ceiling of attic. The following steps explain the process of fixing of wooden soffit. As it will take time and you will need the assistance of a person, it is better to take help from a friend.

Tools and Material

  • Wood strips
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Notebook
  • Ladder
  • Leather gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Tri-square
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Circular saw
  • Measuring tape

Step 1: Taking the Measurements

Measure the complete perimeter of your roof on the attic from one corner to another. Note it down. Measure the length of each side again from one corner to the other. Note down the lengths. Also, measure the depth of the soffit required from the outer edge of attic to the outer wall.
Step 2: Cutting the Material

Cut the strips to the sizes after noting down the lengths. Make a sketch. Mark a number for each side of your house on the sketch, as the house may not have a regular shape and size all around. Go on marking the numbers on the strips as you cut them. The number can be marked lightly or on the side to be hidden when fixing. It you want to give it a better look the corners should be cut at 45 degrees. If the house is bigger, you can cut the pieces smaller in size to handle them easily rather than cutting long pieces, which are difficult to handle. Normally 4-5 feet length is ok.

Step 3: Dry Fitting

Put all the cut pieces against each other as they will fit. It will ensure that they are uniform in length. Trim the particular pieces where required, otherwise you will get a bad appearance.

Step 4: Final Fixing

Start fixing the pieces when all pieces are cut and trimmed. You can begin from on corner of your house. You can go on completing the fixing around the house. Uses a hand drill mounted with a bit for screw driving or use an electric screw driver to accomplish the fixing easily and speedily. Fix the screws at the corners and middle of each strip. Each 4 feet piece should be fixed with six screws. The screws should have length twice the thickness of strips. You have to fix the soffit around the house.






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