How to Install a Round Downspout

What You'll Need
Lengths of downspouts
Elbow joints
Aluminum sealant
Aluminum straps
Hex head sheet metal screws
Decking screws for your wood siding
Drill with hole saw attachment
Sheet metal shears
Caulk gun
Heat gun
Circular saw
Safety goggles

Installing a round downspout to accompany the rain gutters outside your home can be a very rewarding job. During heavy rains, water going down your roof’s slope through the gutters can accumulate outside your house. Pools of muddy water are formed easily during heavy rains and cannot only be annoying but also negatively affect the exterior beauty of your house. Installing a round downspout will help you take care of water accumulation issues easily. The job can be a little complicated but with this step-by-step guide, you can do it pretty easily. The tools and materials required for the job are given below. 

Step 1 - Cut the Hole 

Use a drill to drill a hole at the bottom of the gutter. Make sure you use the hole saw attachment. Now, use a pencil to make a line around the underside of the gutter around the connector. Use the sheet metal shears to cut out a rectangular shape. This will be the opening for the connector.  

Step 2 - Attach the Connector 

Now, fit the connector into the hole that you cut out. You will have to bring it in from the top of the gutter. Secure it in place using sheet metal screws. 

Step 3 - Seal the Connection 

Apply caulk with a caulk gun around the connector now. This will help prevent any leaks in the future. It is imperative to make sure that the area is dry before you apply the caulk for maximum adhesion. You can dry the area with a heat gun.  

Step 4 - Add an Elbow

Now, easily slide an elbow onto the connector. You can secure this elbow in place by using another small sheet metal screw. 

Step 5 - Measure and Cut the First Length 

Now, secure another elbow against the house. The important trick here is to accurately measure the distance between the 2 elbows. This will help you determine the length you will need to connect them. Cut a length of downspout based on these measurements with a circular saw. Wear safety goggles 

Step 6 - Measure and Cut the Downspout 

When you’re done fitting the first cut length into the elbows, take another measurement from the elbow down to the ground. This measurement should be around 8 inches above the ground. Cut another piece of downspout based on this length and fix it to the elbow with a sheet metal screw. 

Step 7 - Secure the Downspout

Use aluminum straps to secure the downspout. Bend the straps around the downspout and secure them with hex head sheet metal screws.