How to Install a RV Show Curtain

Installing an RV shower curtain is very similar to installing a shower curtain within a traditional home shower unit. While some RV's are equipped with enclosed shower stalls, many have open shower stalls that will need to have a shower curtain installed before use.


Before a shower curtain can be installed in an RV, it is important to note whether a shower curtain rod is present. If a curtain rod is present, the shower curtain can be hung right away. If no shower rod is in place, that would be the first step towards installed a shower curtain. Install a shower curtain rod in the appropriate place, securing to the walls of the unit.

Shower Curtain Installation

Once the shower curtain rod has been installed, it is time to install the shower curtain. With a tape measure, measure the distance from the floor to the shower curtain rod and hem the shower curtain if necessary. Place the shower curtain on shower curtain rings just as you would when hanging a shower curtain in your home shower. Once the rings are in place, simply clip onto the shower curtain rod. Note the length of the shower curtain and ensure that it is not too short or long for your particular shower.