How to Install a Sauna Light

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  • 2 hours
  • 50-75
What You'll Need
Vapor resistant sauna light
Jig saw
Junction box
Wire nuts
Wire fish

With the use of a sauna light a homeowner can transform the mood of their sauna from a dark area to a relaxing utopia. Many saunas come pre-packaged with a light in them, but they are usually underpowered, or a basic light. Replacing that light, or installing an entirely new light, can make a big difference in the overall look, and feel, of the sauna. Here is how you can install a new sauna light quickly and easily.

Step 1 - Locate Position for Sauna Light

The best placement for a sauna light is on the side of the wall. You want a low wattage light that is not overly bright, and will add to the sense of relaxation. Mark a position for the box that is near the entryway. It can be on either side of the door, but would be better if away from the heater. The light should be about eye level.

Step 2 - Mark Hole for Junction Box

Use the junction box and mark the outline of where it will go. Make sure it is near a stud for securing the box.

Step 3 - Cut Hole for Junction Box

After you have marked the outline of the junction box, use a jigsaw and cut out the hole. You will need to start a pilot hole in the corner. Use a drill for this part. Drill a hole in the corner of your outline and then cut it out with the jigsaw.

Step 4 - Run Wires through Wall

Connect new wires at a junction box that is close to the sauna. Use wire nuts to connect the like wires. Use a wire fish from the entry point in the sauna. Attach the wire to it and pull the wire through the wall until it reaches the sauna location.

Step 5 - Install Junction Box

Run the wires out of the wall and knock out the back tabs of the junction box. Slide the wires through the hole and place the box inside the cutout in the wall. Use a screwdriver and secure the box to the stud.

Step 6 - Connect Light to Wires

Remove the cover from the vapor resistant light and prepare it for installation. Cut back the insulation from the power wires in the wall and connect the like wires together. Use wire nuts to make the connections. Push back the wires into the junction box, but make sure they are not crimped or loose.

Step 7 - Install Light onto Wall

Once the wire connections have been made, you can install the light. Make sure that the vapor seal is around the junction box and the light so that no moisture can get into the wires. Screw the light housing onto the box with the supplied screws. Place the light bulb into the light and snap on the cover.

Step 8 - Try Light Out

The light will come with a small push button to turn the light on. Once the circuit breaker has been turned back on, push the small button and check to see if the light comes on.