How to Install a Shower Flow Control Valve

What You'll Need
Shower flow control valve
Protective clothing
Working gloves
Measuring tape or ruler

It is possible to install a shower flow control valve. This can be done to improve the quantity and pressure of water coming out of the shower. The equipment works by controlling the amount of water flowing through the system.

Installing a flow control valve in the shower can help to correct common problems such as uneven pressure in the pipes. This can be as a result of natural vibration in the pipes. Damaged or spoilt water passages also affect water pressure in pipes.

Step 1- Assemble Equipments and Tools

Dismount the end of the shower from the pipe to get the correct measurements for the control valve to buy. As the pipe is not too wide, a normal ruler can be used to get its diameter. Take the measurement of the shower as well, get the dimension of the end that connects to the pipe and the side that dispels water. The measurements help in buying the correct size of the flow control valve.

Buy the equipment from hardware or home appliance stores. Let the store attendant take a look at the measurements as it helps in getting the best fit to install in the shower. Make sure that a receipt is provided as well, it makes it possible to get a replacement for the control valve in case it does not fit properly.

Step 2- Dismount the Shower

Start by turning of water supply to the bathroom. Make sure that the taps are also turned off. Depending on the design of the shower, use pliers to loosen and dismount the end of the shower that dispels water from the pipe. Be careful as there might still be water in the pipes. If necessary drain the pipes before going on with the installation.

Step 3- Install Shower Flow Control Valve

It is a good idea to replace pipes in the bathroom or shower equipment that might be too old or rusted. This makes the flow control valve perform better when installed. Pipes and the shower head can be bought from the same stores too.

Fix the end of the pipe to one side of the shower control valve. Use hands to place the equipment in the pipe, get pliers to fasten the control valve on the pipe. Make sure that this end is properly fixed to avoid water leakage from this point.

Get the head of the shower and connect it to the open end of the shower control valve. Gently but firmly use hands to mount it on the control valve and then fasten it using a pipe wrench or pliers. The shower flow control valve should lie in between the pipe and the end that dispels water.

Turn on the water supply and enjoy a good shower.


  • Use adhesive or glue to seal off parts that connects to the flow control valve. This will prevent any leaks.
  • Inspect water pipes regularly as the might rust, corrode or get damaged with time. This affects the pressure at which water flows in the system.