How to Install a Shower Head Extension Arm

What You'll Need
Suitable plier
Teflon tape


A shower head extension is easy to install. Usually the arm head of the shower is extended to make the shower usable to all without any height barriers. The installation of extension arm for the shower head extension is very simple if the steps given below are followed.

Step 1: Remove the Shower Head

First turn off the shower. Remove the old shower head from the socket and then remove any existing Teflon tape from the socket.

Step 2: Tape the Extension Tube

Take the extension tube and wrap the threading part of the extension tube with a Teflon tape. This is done to prevent the leaks.

Step 3: Fix the Extension Arm to the Socket

Now fix the extension arm into the socket and tighten it using the pliers of suitable size. It is adviced to cover the extension tube with a rag while tightening to prevent it from getting scratched.

Step 4: Fix the Shower Head to the Extension Arm

Take the shower head which was removed earlier, cover its thread with a Teflon tape and fix it to the extension arm. Cover the tightening area with a rag and tighten using proper size pliers. Now you can set the shower head to the desired angle.