How to Install a Shower Temperature Control Valve

What You'll Need
2 half inch copper fittings
Two 90 degree street elbow
Propane torch
Copper cutter
Measuring tape
Safety Goggles

Installing a temperature control valve in the shower makes life much easier. This job involves cutting and soldering, so make sure you have a basic know how of using these tools. Read on to find out how to successfully install a shower temperature control valve.

    Step 1 – Get Ready

    Before you start installing the temperature control valve, you need to follow a few pointers. Wear  gloves as it will give you a better grip. Make sure to have your work glasses on.

    Step 2 – Block

    Start off with installing the temperature control valve by first getting hold of a 2 by 4 block. You will have to install the block between the 2 studs, on the wall behind the shower stall.

    Step 3 – Placing the Block

    In order to place the block, measure the distance between the bottom of the stall and the holes that seats the valve handles. Install the block in a way that it will evenly rest with the wall framing holes.

    Step 4 – Temperature Control Valve

    After installing the block, the next step is to introduce the temperature control valve. Mount the temperature control valve onto the installed block.

    Step 5 – For the Hot Water Line

    Attach a 1/2 inch straight copper fitting to the 1/2 inch hot water shut off ball valve. This combined unit will come handy, as the line from the hot water will be soldered onto this unit.

    Step 6 – Snug Fit

    Examine the joint. The two units should fit tight. Remember to tighten the joint with the help of a channel lock.

    Step 7– For the Cold Water Line

    Similarly attach another copper coupling on the shut off ball valve of the cold water. Use a channel lock to secure it tightly.

    Step 8 – Measuring the Line

    Take a measuring tape and measure the length required for the copper line that will connect to both the hot and cold water shut off valve.

    Step 9 – Cut

    The next step in installing a temperature control valve is to cut two half inch copper line according to the measurement taken in step 8. Use a cutter fit for cutting copper pipes.

    Step 10 – Solder

    The next step is to attach the copper line to the hot and cold water side. Use a propane torch to solder the copper line into the attached straight fitting on both the sides.

    Step 11 – Street Elbow

    Fit a street elbow to the end of the half inch fitting. The street elbow has to be 90 degrees. Use a set of pliers to tighten the channel locks. Repeat the same procedure on the cold water as well.

    Step 12 – Solder

    Again solder the joint between the hot water half inch line and the street elbow. Use a propane torch. Repeat the same on the cold water as well.