How to Install a Shower Trap

What You'll Need
Pipe wrench
P trap extension
Teflon tape

A shower trap is intended for use like any other types of drain trap. It works by allowing water to go a point in the pipe that is lower than the rest. This is done to make heavy sediments that are in the water to fall down or settle out in it while the cleaned water goes on down the pipe. The trap installed in your shower has many purposes to serve. This includes catching dirt and other sediments which could otherwise cause a clog somewhere in the piping system. Thus you can make use of your shower for years to come, without fear of suddenly running out of water while you are in the middle of taking a bath. There are shower installations that were made without a trap in them but they can be made to function better by installing one. If such is the case in your bathroom, the installation steps are quite easy and you only need a few materials to do it.

Step 1 - Finding the Drainage System Access Point

Begin the project by first locating where the access points in the drainage system of your shower are. If it is located on the first floor, you will have to reach it through your basement. If you do not have one, you can go to it by going through a crawlspace or by going outside the door. If the access point can be found on the second story, you may have to find an access panel which can usually be found on the back part of a shower. This may be the only way to get to your drainage access point.

Step 2 - Removing a Section of the Pipe

To make a shower trap, you need to take out part of the pipe that is directly below the drain of the shower. You can use the pipe wrench to do it. Make sure that a 12-inch section of straight piping is made, coming from the drain. If the pipe installed in your shower is solid, you can use the hacksaw in cutting out a section. This will be for your P trap.

Step 3 - Inserting the P Trap Extension

Install the P trap extension by inserting it into the 12-inch section of straight pipe you have made.

Step 4 - Screwing the P trap Extension

If the straight piping is threaded, you will have to screw the P trap extension into it. Make sure that there are no obstructions that can be found inside the vent tube. To ensure that no leaks will occur later, you may wrap the threading with two or three layers of Teflon tape before screwing the P trap extension. Alternatively, you may seal the joint with putty after you have screwed the trap tight. But in case the set up of your shower requires you to cut the pipe, there are adapters that are provided with the P trap kit that you can use in connecting the pipe. Use the wrench to screw them down tightly.