How to Install a Sidelight Window

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Floor leveling bar
Caulk spray

A sidelight window is a common feature in American homes. Although many services from door and furniture companies are available for its installation, by doing it yourself, you will not only save on a few precious dollars, but also gain more than basic expertise regarding the setup of a building. Installing sidelight windows at homes involves a few basic steps. Depending on how your provision for a sidelight window is available, you will need to perform accordingly. The tools you will require will be common in cases of the presence or absence of an existing door with which you want a sidelight window.

Step 1: Check if the Floor is Level

It is most important to see that the floor under the door remains level. If you already have a door, and want to add sidelight to it, you may need to change the door panel. The alternative way is more difficult as it will involve cutting parts of the walls. You will need to use the leveling bar to check the condition of the floor below in order to avoid future problems such as wood corrosion, water entry and dirt collection. Fitting the new door/sidelight window panel requires a vigilant observation in this step.

Step 2: Caulk the Level Area

Caulking of the ground under the sidelight window is extremely important, but should be carried out only after checking if it is level throughout the length. Caulking it prevents the door from facing water logging and moisture problems. Since sidelight windows and doors come in wood, it is always advisable to shield it from moisture over the long run. One can easily find caulking machines in the market, and using them requires nothing more than moderate accuracy.

Step 3: Bringing the Door/Sidelight Unit to the Opening

Get the sidelight window panel with or without the door into the desired opening in the wall. This step will be a litmus test for your measurements and leveling implementation. You may find it difficult to adjust the frame after putting it upright, if the leveling has not gone correct in Step # 1. The leveler has to be used once more. After getting the sidelight window into the opening, its position becomes very important. Seeing that it is level on all four sides, with respect to all four sides of the frame, you will get to a position of proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Applying Shims

Plunge shims on the four corners of each sidelight window. You may have problems regarding the way it will look after plunging the nails. Always look to put them from the side that is less visible to the eye. The inner surfaces closest to the frame of the sidelight window will help you find a convenient spot. You can also put them under the weather coat sheet by simply keeping it lifted with a finger.

Following these steps, you can have your new sidelight window ready for display. You can also choose to work on the sidelight window by adding curtains and colorful paintings around.