How to Install a Single Body Bathroom Sink Faucet Part 1

What You'll Need
Manufacturers Instructions
Plumbers Putty
Pipe Seal Tape
Adjustable Wrench
Screwdriver Set
Basin Wrench
Groove Joint Pliers
Basin Wrench
Tape Measure

A single body bathroom sink faucet is a great way to add a more modern look to your bathroom. These sinks are easy to install and are something that you will be able to do yourself. With the right tools and some know how, a single body bathroom sink faucet can be made a reality in your bathroom in no time.

Step 1 – Pick a Faucet

The first thing that you are going to have to do is pick out the right single body faucet for your bathroom. Facets come in many finishes materials from chrome, bronze, brass and nickle in both traditional and contemporary designs. Choose one that will complement your bathroom décor as well as one that will fit in your sink. If you have a smaller bathroom, you do not want to purchase a faucet that is disproportionately large.

Step 2 – Challenges

There are some challenges that will come along with installing a faucet. For instance, if you are installing a faucet where there is already a sink, be prepared for some awkward maneuvering. Installing a faucet around a sink is a job that requires quite a bit of reaching as there are pipes that you will have to work around. A basin wrench will allow you to reach a little bit further without having to strain as much.

Step 3 – Faucet Body

First, you will need to install the faucet body. Be sure that you follow the instructions that come along with the faucet should it need some assembly before you begin. You will need to insert a rubber gasket between the top of the sink and the bottom of the faucet that will act as a watertight seal. If the faucet does not come with a seal, use plumber’s putty. Once you have created the seal, you are ready to insert the body of the faucet into the holes that are in the top of the sink. Be sure that the mounting nuts that come along with it are threaded into the shafts of the faucet. From there, check the threaded shafts that are in the holes of the sink and center them, then firmly tighten the nuts.

Step 4 – Supply Lines

The hot and cold supply lines will need to be hooked up underneath the sink with the water supply shut off valves. You may need to bend the tubes that are coming out of the faucet. Bending will give you better access while connecting the supply tubes. Get pipe seal tape to wrap around the nipples that are threaded. You will do this on the tubes and valves. With an adjustable wrench, tighten the nuts thoroughly.