How to Install a Single Body Bathroom Sink Faucet Part 2

Now that you have begun installation on your bathroom sink faucet you are almost finished and have just a few more steps before you can completely finish up the job.

Step 5 – Stopper

You will need to attach the stopper to the faucet rod. Make sure that you have the right size stopper to go along with the faucet. Use a tape measure to ensure that you have the exact right size. When installing the stopper, you will need to make sure that the hole that is at the bottom is facing behind the sink. There is a pivot rod that will need to be slid into the hole of the drainpipe, make sure that the retaining nut is on the pivot rod. The retaining nut will need to be tightened; you can do this by hand. Part of the clevis will have a hole that you will need to slide the stopper handle rod will need to be slid into. Once you have done this, you will need to tighten this retaining nut. Tilt the stopper rod while getting the opposite end of it slid down onto the clevis on your pivot rod. The spring clip needs to be slid on the pivot rod so that the clevis can be kept from falling from the pivot rod.

Step 6 – Handles

The handles are one of the last things that you will have to do to finish up the job. In order to install the handles, you will need to get the second part of the flexible connector to the male ends of the connectors all the way to your shut off valves. The connections will need to be tightened using your adjustable wrench. Go to the shut off valves and turn the water on, once you have done this you will need to slowly turn the faucet on to see if the handles are working properly.

Step 7 – Seat Faucet

There is a center hole that the connectors will need to be fed and inserted in. Be sure that the gasket line for the faucet lines up as it should. When you are underneath the sink, there is a washer and a nut that will need to be installed onto the end bolts. This nut and bolt combo will need to be installed so that the faucet can be held into place. You will be able to begin to tighten then nuts by hand and then finish with your basin wrench.

Step 8 – Warnings

Before you begin, always make sure that you completely turn the water off. This will prevent you from flooding out your bathroom and causing extensive water damage to your home. Keep the instructions that came with the faucet at hand and read them thoroughly before you begin to work. Each faucet is different and you will need to make sure that you follow the instructions as carefully as possible before you attempt any of the work.