How to Install a Sliding Window

What You'll Need
Tape measure

A sliding window has a track at both the top and the bottom. As a result, it closes horizontally along the track. Installing the sliding window requires removal of the older window. You may have to replace the glider and any weather stripping. Installing a sliding window does not require much hardware and helps to give your home a modern look.

Step 1- Find the Dimensions of the Existing Window

Use a tape measure to find the height and width of the window. Note down these dimensions as you will need them during installation.

Step 2 - Buy a Replacement Window

If you are replacing an older window, buy a new part. The dimensions of this new window must be same as that of the existing one.

Step 3 – Remove the Existing Window

You have to remove the older window in order to replace the weather stripping and glider. Gently lift the existing window, and ease the bottom of the window off the track. Once the bottom half comes out, it is possible to pull out the entire window from the window frame.

Step 4 – Clean the Frame and the Track

Clear any debris that has collected on the window tracks. Use a brush or vacuum to remove the dirt, sand and other materials present on the track. A rag and little water will be sufficient to clean the entire track.

Step 5 – Remove the Weather Strip and Glider

With help of a screw driver, take off the glider and the weather stripping. Also, keep track of how the old window was installed. Check for the alignments, and make markings as necessary.

Step 6- Install the Glider

You will install the new glider exactly at the location where the original piece was. The alignment of the new glider and the old one should match exactly. After you replace this part, tighten with a screwdriver.

Step 7 – Install the Weather Stripping

Install the new weather stripping on the newly installed sash. The sash has to be reattached to the window frame. Use a screwdriver or knife to do so. See to it that the sash is firmly installed, and gently put pressure on the sash.

Step 8 – Reattach Window

It is time to now reinstall the window frame. Push the top of the window onto the upper window frame. Push it gently, and then insert the bottom half on the lower window frame portion. Gently let go of the window to ensure that it properly rests on the window frame. Finally, test the installation by sliding the window horizontally on the track. Repeat several times to ensure smoothness and stability.