How to Install a Solar Vent Fan in a Garage



With rising costs of electricity, it is wise to replace electric fans with solar vent fans which run on solar energy. Solar fans are available at cheaper rates in the market today. Solar fans provide higher levels of cooling and is more efficient in terms of cost and maintenance when compared to that of the electric fans. A solar fan can be easily set up in a garage by following a set of steps given below.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • A solar panel 
  • Caulk
  • A solar fan 
  • Screwdrivers 
  • Drill 
  • Screws
  • Ladder  

Step 1 - Creating a Gable Vent

In most of the garages, a gable vent will be installed during the construction. It is located at the peak of the outside wall of the garage. If not installed, a gable vent must be created by cutting a hole through the exterior wall. 

Step 2 - Fixing the Fan

Position the fan over the vent and screw the fan assembly into the wall. Use a screwdriver and screws, to appropriately fix the fan. 

Step 3 - Selecting Suitable Location for the Solar Panel

Locate a spot for the solar panel. The place must be selected such that it gets direct sunlight during the day. 

Step 4 - Drilling 

After choosing a location, we should drill a hole in the roof. This hole is for passing the 2 wires that will provide power to the fan. It should be kept in mind to drill a hole near the solar panel which is close to the connections at the back of the panel.

Step 5 - Inserting Wires into the Hole

Insert the 2 wires from the fan into the hole that you just drilled.

Step 6 - Wiring

In the roof, attach the 2 wires to the back of the solar panel. Connect the black wire to the negative end and the red wire to the positive end. Then, leave about 12 inches of wire under the panel and outside, so that the panel is adjustable and can be moved vertically.

Step 7 - Caulk the Holes

After the wiring process is complete, caulk the hole to avoid water from leaking into the garage. This can be done by generously filling the hole around the wires with caulk. Then, mount the solar panel. Apply some caulk underneath the panel where the screw holes are present. This will help to seal the bracket to the roof when screwing it down.

Step 8 - Mounting the Solar Panel on the Roof

Keep the solar panel straight and screw it onto the roof using the screwdriver. Now, the fan in the garage will be in motion if it is sunny outside. Test whether the fan is working properly. Using a solar vent fan is a cost effective method to provide cool environment in the garage. You have successfully installed a solar vent fan in your garage.

Tips and Warnings

  • While working on the roof of your house, you need to take extreme care.
  • Take guard when you connect the solar panel to the fan, since the fan blades will start spinning almost immediately.