How to Install a Steering Wheel Spinner Knob on a Wheelchair Van

Check the local driving laws on handicapped driving aids before installing a steering wheel spinner knob. Choose the correct size of knob that fits you best, and look for a kit with detailed instructions on the package. Last but not least, choose a knob that fits the style and shape of your steering wheel. There are various models made specifically for different types of disabilities. This makes it easier to choose the best fitting choice for the driver.

Tools and Materials

  • Screw Driver
  • Duct tape
  • Knife or cutter
  • Retail spinner knob package of your choice
  • Assistant

Step 1: Local Laws on Driving with a Spinner Knob

The best way to find out if it’s legal for you to use a steering wheel spinner knob is to check with your DMV. Do this before you buy anything. Once you’ve been informed that it is indeed legal in your area, proceed to the next steps.

Step 2: Choosing the Right Model for You

There are a number of models of steering wheel spinner knobs available for purchase:

  • The single pin is also called the V grip. It is designed for drivers that are not amputated and have good motion controls but have weaker finger grip.
  • The tri-pin grip is similar to the V grip. It has 3 posts and is designed to hold the wrist stable, as well as the fingers.
  • Generic knobs are not designed specifically for drivers with disabilities. They are usually round and will be grabbed with the entire palm.
  • Flat knobs are used to steer using the entire palm. These come with a pair of clasps to keep the hand in place.

Step 3: Installation Preparation

Start the installation by lining up the wheels perfectly straight. This way, your steering wheel will be in neutral position. Have someone help you by standing outside and signal it to make it easier. If the steering wheel has the car logo on it, the neutral position will usually be the one with the logo facing properly.

Step 4: Installing the Spinner Knob

Whether your package comes with instructions or not, installing the knob is not difficult. If the steering wheel spinner knob kit is made up of more parts, then you will have to assemble them together and to the clasp before attaching it all to the steering wheel. Apply tape in a circular fashion around the steering wheel in the place where the clasp will set using the cutter to trim it in place. Unfasten the screw on the knob clasp using your screwdriver. Set the clasp and knob in position, and fasten the screw to a very tight fit.

Step 5: Inspection

Check to see if the steering wheel spinner knob is not loose at all and doesn’t move by applying some force to it. If it’s a generic round spinner, you should check for movement in the actual knob as well. If you’re unsure whether you feel comfortable driving with it, you can check it in an empty parking lot. Drive slowly and get the feel for it, adjusting the position of the steering wheel spinner knobs if necessary.