How to Install a Stockade Fence

What You'll Need
Vertical fence panels or slats
Horizontal fence supports
Wood posts
Screws or nails
Hammer or drill

stockade fence is a type of fence that is very popular among homeowners. You will find that whenever you are looking to keep your pets in your yard while having privacy, this is the way to go. Installing a stockade fence can be rather time consuming and somewhat difficult. However, you will find that it is all worth it in the end whenever you have a strong and sturdy stockade fence surrounding your yard.

Step 1 – Set Up Posts

You will begin by getting your posts set up an equal distance away from each other. You will need to get posts that are 4 by 4 inches. The corner posts that you use should be 6 by 6 inches. This will depend on the height and the weight of the fence that you are planning on building. Whenever you are digging the holes for the posts, make sure that one third of the post will go into the ground. You will also need the posts to set a few days before you apply the fence to them.

Step 2 – Braces

Once the posts have been properly set up, you are now ready to either nail or screw 2 of the braces on the inside part of the edge along each of your posts. Make sure that you do this at a level mark. Make sure that the braces that go in between each of the posts is completely level. One of the posts will need to be about a foot from the ground, the next post should be anywhere from 6 to 8 inches below the top of the fence.

Step 3 – Horizontal Support Board

Each of your braces will need to have a horizontal support board either screwed or nailed into it. These support boards will be needed so that the solid stockade panels of your fence will be able to be properly supported.

Step 4 – Align Stockade Panels

You will need to get the tops of the stockade panels aligned. You can also do this with just regular individual boards. You will need to add them individually, completely pressed up against each other. You will do this in between each of your fence posts. Typically, whenever anybody is building a stockade fence, they are doing so for privacy purposes. This means that you will need to have no space at all in between the panels or boards.

Step 5 – Finish

You will need to do this with the entire length of the fence. This could take some time. An assistant may be able to help you get it done quicker. Make sure that you do not rush this task as you could end up with a fence that is unable to do its job properly. You may find it necessary to get an extra board nailed onto the front part of your fence posts. This will allow them to blend in with the rest of your fence.