How to Install a Stone Hearth and Fireplace Surround Part 2 How to Install a Stone Hearth and Fireplace Surround Part 2

What You'll Need
Stone slabs for the stone hearth
Point mortar
Mortar spreader
Putty knife
Leveling compound
Carpenters level
Measuring tape
Lumber pieces
Protective gear

It is easy to install a stone hearth and fireplace surround. Follow the simple steps below to complete installation of your hearth and stone surround.

Step 1 – Plan Location

The first thing to do is to decide where exactly the stone hearth and fireplace will be located. The fireplace needs to fit into the space available. Take perfect measurements to get all the dimensions right. Write down all the measurements and make calculations accordingly.

Step 2 – Gather Materials

The stone hearth will require stone slabs, pre-cut stones, mortar, metal work and some lumber, apart from the work tools and protective gear. You may acquire these things by checking with construction material suppliers who will help you with the various options available.

Step 3 – Clear Your Work Area

Clear the room, especially near the fireplace area. You can use a rag cloth to prevent debris from destroying your existing flooring.

Step 4 – Remove the Old Stone Hearth

Start by prying out the existing stone hearth, clearing away debris as you go. You need to ensure that the floor base is even. You can use some leveling compound to get this right.

Step 5 – Make a Slab Mortar Base

Use the lumber pieces to create a frame into which you will pour the slab mortar. Use the trowel to help give the mortar surface a coarse feel. This will help you place the stone slabs on to the mortar. You will also need to spread the mortar onto the fireplace walls where you want the stone slabs to be installed.

Step 6 – Give the Finishing Touch with Point Mortar

Use the point mortar to secure the stone slabs. Once the stone slabs have been firmly fixed, mark a thin area around each stone slab using the putty knife. Finalle, fill thie area with point mortar to firmly secure the stone slabs.

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