How to Install a Storm Door Lock

What You'll Need
Deadbolt lock
Tape measure
Hole Saw
Flat wood bit
Utility knife
Wood chisel
Safety glasses


There comes a time when installing a storm door lock becomes a very pressing concern. Because storm doors are doors, they use normal door locks. Therefore in this article, we will be looking at the steps to follow in installing a deadbolt door lock, which is more secure than an ordinary spring lock. 


Step 1 – Pick a Spot

Usually, a deadbolt lock is placed around 6 inches above the doorknob.Mark the spot with a pencil.

Step 2 – The Template

Most manufacturers include a template with the deadbolt. This template is designed to help you, usually by showing you where to drill the holes relative to where you want to install the lock. Tape the template over your door so that you can check whether your deadbolt assembly interferes with the doorknob.

Step 3 – Drill the Holes for the Lock Cylinder

Using the temple still taped to the door, mark with a pencil or a large nail the point shown on the template where holes will need to be drilled in. Use a hole saw to do this. The hole itself must be appropriate for the lock cylinder. To prevent splintering, first drill from one side then drill from the other side. This is the way lumberjacks cut down trees.

Step 4 – Bore the Hole for the Latchbolt

Use the wood bit (approx. 25mm flat wood) attached to your drill to bore the proper sized hole for the bolt.

Step 5 – Install the Faceplate

Slide the bolt into the hole made in step 4, then trace around the faceplate. Use the wood chisel to cut a mortise (recess) into the traced area so the faceplate will be flushed with the door once installed. Once the plate has been aligned with the freshly made mortise, install it using the screws that should have been provided with your deadbolt kit.

Step 6 – Install the Lock and the Latchbolt

Slide the latchbolt into its hole before placing the lock cylinder's outside key section in the door. Do this until it continues through the latchbolt's hole. Put the inside section of the lock cylinder in the door in the way that the holes align for the screws. After doing this, you can screw them together.

Step 7 – Another Mortise, Another Hole

Place a mark where the latchbolt and door frame align when the door is closed. Cut a mortise into the door frame (similar to Step 5). Use the flat wood bit to make a latchbolt hole that is deep enough for the bolt in the center of the recess.

Step 8 – Install the Strikeplate

Use the strikeplate as a template by putting it into its mortise before screwing it into place.

Once complete, deadbolt locks are more secure than regular locks in most houses. They are made to withstand pressure from within and without and should be a good complement to your storm door.