How to Install a Storm Door Screen Guard

What You'll Need
Storm Door Screen Guard
Drill Bit

A storm door screen guard is an additional security measure against burglars and unauthorized access inside a home. A storm door screen is a perfect way to guard the inner door from the effects of external elements, such storms, wind, snow, dust, and other flying debris that may cause damage to the inner door. However, it also offers protection from unwanted access from pets and other people. Although a storm screen door may already have a door knob or lock installed, a door guard offers additional protection because it can only be opened from inside the home. Here is how to install a storm door screen guard.

Step 1 – Choosing the Right Door Guard

Door guards come in different designs for different door types. There are door guards appropriate for storm door screens as well as other types of doors. The most common types of door guards used today are spring door guards and bolt door guards, and both types can be installed on storm door screens. Consider also what type of door frame the storm door screen is made of before deciding to purchase. Ask the home improvement store as well for recommendations.

Step 2 – Pre-installation

A door guard usually comes with a template. Use the template to mark where the screws and the entire door guard will be installed. Make sure to install it at the right height. Slightly above midway isideal in order to avoid children’s access. Hold the two pieces of the door guard on the door and refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and check which piece is to be installed on which part of the door. Determine the best location for the door guard.

Step 3 – Mark and Pre-drill Screw Holes

Use a pencil to mark the holes for the screws and pre-drill them. Use a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the diameter of the door guard screws to ensure no room for error.

Step 4 – Installation

Place a screwdriver bit or use a screwdriver to screw the door guard pieces onto the storm door screen. Hold each piece firmly and allow each screw to sink into the pre-drilled holes completely. Repeat until all screws are tightened into place. Make sure that the screws are tightened perfectly and test the door guard if it works properly.


If the storm door screen does not close properly after the door guard is installed, check if the screws are tightened excessively. Sometimes, some of the screws are tightened too deep making it difficult for the lock on the guard to lock correctly. If so, loosen some of the screws slightly until the guard locks smoothly.

When using a power drill or any other type of power tool, do not forget to wear eye protection. Eye goggles are very important safety equipment that should never be ignored when dealing with potentially hazardous equipment.