How to Install a Storm Door Screen Insert

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  • 3-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 75-200
What You'll Need
Screen insert
Nut driver

The use of a storm door screen insert will allow you to be able to enjoy the outside air without letting in a lot of bugs and insects. This means that your storm door can be an all weather door that weatherproofs your front door area from snow, rain, ice, and cold. Installing a storm door screen insert is a very easy task that does not include any type of modification to your door. In fact, some windows can be purchased with the screen already intact.

Step 1 - Purchase Your Screen Insert

There are two ways that you can install a storm door screen insert. The first way is to buy a storm door window that has the screen already installed on it. This means that you will only need to replace the window. The other option is to purchase a small screen insert that goes on the outside of a storm door window. Take the measurements of your window to the home hardware center and choose the right insert for your door.

Step 2 - Remove Window and Replace

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If you chose to install a new window, the process is very straightforward. Use a nut driver, or a screwdriver if needed, and unscrew the window that is currently on the storm door. Replace it with the new one that has the screen insert already installed. Screw the bolts back into the door and you are finished.

Step 3 - Remove Window Panes

If you chose to buy only the storm door screen insert then you will need to remove the window panes from the door. This is not as hard as one will think it is. When you look at the storm door you will notice that the windows go up and down with simple push tabs. They are also anchored into channels through a small pin. There are several slots along the channel for the height adjustment. Push the tabs in and lift the bottom of the window out towards yourself. Move the pins along the channel until they line up with the slots and pull out.

Step 4 - Install Screen Insert

The storm door screen insert will be placed on the back side of the windows facing outwards. Place the screen insert into the opening and pop into the rear channel. There are two locking screws that you simply twist until they are against the channel to hold the screen in place.

Step 5 - Replace Window Panes

After the screen insert is placed into the door you can then replace the window panes. Clean out the channels with a rag before you do to ensure that they will be able to slide easily. Point the top edge of the window towards the door and line up the small pins with a slot in the channel. Slide up to the top and press in the tabs on the bottom. Push the window into place and let the tabs slide back out. Repeat with the front window and you are finished with installing your storm door screen insert.