How to Install a Thermostat to an Extractor Fan

What You'll Need
Extractor Fan

Extractor fans are normally found in kitchens and bathrooms, however they can also be used as a fantastic way of removing the hot air from your roof space. All extractor fans do the same job; they force the air from inside to the outside of the house.

If you think back to your physics classes at school you might remember that hot air rises and cold air falls. For this reason in the summer the hot air in your house will normally quickly rise up to the attic. Hot air is lighter than cool air which is why it rises as high as possible. Hot air in your roof can mean that the rest of the air will heat up making your house uncomfortable and too hot.

Step 1 - Understanding the Purpose

In the summer the hot air in your house will rise right up to the rafters in the roof. When it's very hot outside the sun shining down on the roof will cause the air inside the attic space will heat up even more. While this might be welcome during the winter it's not nice in the summer. The hot air is very uncomfortable and makes your air conditioning unit work over time.

Getting rid of this air by using an extractor fan is one of the easiest things to do. This is cheaper than using your air conditioner and will keep your house cooler for longer.

Step 2 - Fitting an Extractor Fan

There are a series of different extractor fans which are suitable to be installed in pitched roofs. Make sure you choose a specialist roof extractor as this will fit properly into the roof. Also ensure that the extractor fan is fitted properly so that it doesn't compromise the integrity of your roof.

There's no point running the extractor fan all of the time because there's no point of this. Having a manual switch would be an answer however this isn't always the best option. Switching the switch manually simply won't be convenient. As you will want the extractor fan to switch on when it's hot you can use a thermostat to control it.

Step 3 - Fitting a Thermostat

A thermostat can be wired into the extractor fan according to the instructions supplied with the thermostat. The thermostats are actually very easy to fit into an extractor fan. Choosing a digital style extractor fan will be the best option because this is easy to set up and very accurate. You will be able to set a specific temperature for the fans to switch on.

The thermostat needs to be wired in between the mains supply and the extractor fan. Use some extra lengths of wire to connect all of these together so that will work properly.

Setting this thermostat to 40 degrees should quickly and easily turn on the extractor fan without needing to do anything yourself. There's no need to manually switch the fan on because when the extractor kicks in it will do everything for you.