How to Install a Thin Wall Electrical Conduit

What You'll Need
Thin Wall Electrical Conduit
Conduit Bender

An electrical conduit is designed to give the electrical cables in your walls some protection. EMT or Electrical Metal Tubing is the most common, and this is also commonly known as thin wall electrical conduit. Installing electrical conduit is very simple with the right tools and materials. There shouldn't be any problem to fit electrical conduit in the walls.

Step 1 - Plan

First, spend some time planning the installation so that you will be able to install the thin wall conduit properly and neatly. The longer you spend planning, the easier you will find the process of installation. Gather all your materials.

Step 2 - Install Conduit

Use your chisel to cut a 2-inch-wide channel into the wall. This will allow the conduit to be installed in the wall and hidden from view. You must be careful when doing this because you don't want to accidentally cut through any studs. A wood chisel is the best tool to use to do this because it makes it possible to remove the plaster without damaging the studs.

Step 3 - Notch the Stud

Make a notch in each stud by using a chisel or a jigsaw. This will make it possible to run the conduit through your house without damaging the surface of the wall.

Step 4 - Mark the Outlets

Use a device box and position it up against the wall. Draw around it with a pencil so that you know where it will be located.

Step 5 - Cut Out the Outlets

The easiest way of cutting out the outlet is to use to drill all the way around the outlines of the shape. You can then use your chisel to remove it from the wall.

Step 6 - Fix Flexible Conduit

Using flexible conduit will make your life much easier. The conduit needs to be flexed through all of the openings and along all of the channels. Once the conduit is in the correct position, you can then nail the conduit in place using nailing plates.

Step 7 - Pull Cables Through

Once the conduit is in place, pull all of the cables through. Make sure that you allow plenty of wire at each end to make all of the necessary connections.

Step 8 - Fix the Boxes

Fix the metal boxes into the wall by screwing them into place or opening up the wings to hold it firmly in place.

Step 9 - Finish Up

Now it's time to carry out the finishing touches and prepare the room. If you had to lift up any baseboards, replace these right away. Once you know that everything works, you will also be able to plaster over the channels and redecorate the room.