How to Install a Tie Rod Sleeve

Replacing your tie rod sleeve is expensive when you take it to a repair shop. You can save yourself money if you do the work yourself.  The work can be completed in a few hours, just follow these steps.

Tools and Materials

  • Lug wrench of 7/8 inches deep socket
  • Hammer
  • 2 super-diesel sleeves
  • 21-mm socket
  • Impact or ratchet wrench
  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands

Step 1: Raise Your Car or Truck

In order to replace the tie rod sleeve, you first need to raise your car using a jack. First, make sure you set your brake. Then, put your jack under your car where the jack will not hurt the front of your vehicle. Use your jack stands to support the car. If you are not using an impact wrench, slightly loosen your lug nuts before raising the car.

Step 2: Remove Wheel

Once the front end is lifted, you need to remove the hubcaps and tires. Most hubcaps will come off easily with a little pulling. In order to remove your wheels, remove the lug nuts and pull the wheel off. Set them aside out of your way.

You will need to loosen the 21-mm nut on the tie rod end. It should be easily located behind your wheel hub. Next, you need to loosen the lock nut on the shaft using your 7/8 inches open-ended wrench. Now, you need to loosen the tie rod end. Do this by tapping it with the hammer on the top. Be careful not to let the tie rod rotate.

Step 3: Remove Old Tie Rod Sleeve

This is the hardest part of replacing your sleeve so be careful with this step. Starting at the top center, unscrew the tie rod end with one full revolution at a time. You will need to count the number of full revolutions to get your alignment right. While unscrewing, use a little bit of pressure to pull toward you. Generally, trucks take about 20 full revolutions. Next, remove the lock nut from the shaft and remove the sleeve.

Step 3: Install New Sleeve

Once the old tie rod sleeve is removed, replace it with the new one. Screw on the sleeve as far as you can by hand, then hand tighten the lock nut. Now, starting again at the top center, get the tie rod end attached to the shaft. Unscrew it to allow it to fall. Then, counting the full revolutions, tighten the end. Try counting down to zero to make sure you get the number right. Now place the tier rod end onto the mount and hand tighten the nut. Now tighten up your lock nut, the nut on your tie rod end and the sleeve.

Step 4: Re-install Wheels

Before you put your wheels back on, spray anti-seize on the lugs before replacing the lug nuts. Tighten or torque your lug nuts, then lower your car or truck back to the ground. The tie rod sleeve replacement is complete and you are ready to get back on the open road.