How to Install a Tile Patio How to Install a Tile Patio

What You'll Need
Stakes and line
Patio Tiles
Cement mix
Notched trowel
Timber for shuttering
Sledge hammer or compacter
Rubber mallet

A tile patio is an attractive alternative to plain concrete. However, tile needs to have a strong foundation, so be sure to put a concrete slab beneath it. The following will provide you with some tips on how to install your own tile patio.



Step 1 – Mark Out the Patio

Use the stakes and string to mark the external dimensions of the patio.

Step 2 – Dig out the Patio

Dig the patio area to a depth of about 8 inches. Make the bottom as level and even as possible.

Step 3 – Build a Shuttering guide for the Concrete Base

The shuttering should be the size of the concrete patio base and about 8 inches deep.

Step 4 – Lay Gravel

Lay two inches of fine gravel within the shuttering. Use a long piece of wood to make it level

Step 5 – Pour Concrete

Cover the gravel with concrete to a depth of about 5 inches. Use a long piece of timber and a level to make the surface level and even.

Step 6 – Allow to Dry

Allow the concrete 48 hours to dry, but sprinkle it with water every 6 or 7 hours.

Step 7 – Lay the Tiles

Mix a stiff mortar to fix the tiles in place. The shuttering will serve as a guide to keep the edge tiles level with the edge of the concrete slab.

Step 8 – The First Tile

Put a good layer of mortar on the cement base in the corner you plan to start. With a notched trowel, cut the mortar into ridges. Lay the tile on top of the mortar tightly into the corner of the shuttering. Press the tile into the mortar and use a rubber mallet and a piece of 4 x 4 timber to tap it home.

Step 9 – Install the Tiles Using Spacers

Install the other tiles using spacers to ensure even spacing.

Step 10 – Cut the Edging Tiles

If it is necessary, cut the tiles for the last rows.

Step – 11 – Apply Grout

Mix the grout and apply it between the tiles, removing the spacers as you go. Grout dries quickly, so remove surplus as you go along with a damp sponge.

Step 12 – Clean up the Grout

There will be dry grout on some of the tiles, but this should brush off quite easily with a brush or dry sponge.

Step 13 – Leave the Patio to Dry Thoroughly

Give the patio 48 hours to dry, then remove the shuttering.

Step 14 – Seal the Tiles

Give the tiles two coats of a good sealant allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second.

Step 15 – Build the Retaining Walls

Build the retaining wall on the base you already created outside the shuttering. Tie the bricks to the concrete base using a stiff mortar mix.

The design of the retaining walls will define the patio and support the patio walls.

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