How to Install a Tile Sheet Backsplash

What You'll Need
Spirit level
Tape measure
Tile sheet

One of the best inventions of recent decades is the tile sheet. In this device, small tiles, rarely more than 2-inches square, are mounted onto screens or sheets of fabric, so that you can hold up the sheet and have 30 or so tiles hanging off of it. These tiles are secured to the fabric by gluing, and there is usually a small amount of sheeting visible between one tile and the next. You can use tile sheets like any other kind of tile as a backsplash,, although you can easily trim down the sheets using scissors, rather than having to chop them up using tile cutters. This makes them ideal for installing as backsplash tiles. You can easily install a tile sheet as backsplash using a few simple home improvement tools, and following a guide to help you manage.

Step 1  - Measure the Backsplash Area

You can mount the tile sheets up as backsplash easily, but you will need to measure up the area where you want the backsplash to be very carefully. Consider using a spirit level so that you know that you are measuring a straight line. These careful measurements will be vital when you are purchasing your tile sheets, as you will need to know exactly how many tile sheets you need to purchase to get the job done.

Step 2 - Add the First Sheet

Mark out the position of the backsplash on the wall using a piece of chalk. You should then spread a small amount of tile glue on the surface of the area you have marked out. Choose a place which is fairly hidden for your first attempt, as the first try is always a little less perfect than the rest. You should not cover the entire area in glue, as most of it will dry out before you can use it. Take your first sheet, and place it on the glue, pushing it into the wall. You need to keep your spirit level against the sheet to make sure that you are keeping it level, and leaving a small space along the sides which are near counter tops and sides, as these must be caulked.

Step 3 - Add the Other Sheets

Spread more glue over the area, and add more tiles, making sure to keep a space between one tile sheet and the next. You should be able to visually compare the distance between each sheet. When you come to a sheet which is larger than the area needed, you can simply cut through it with scissors or a craft knife. Allow the glue to set overnight.

Step 4 - Finishing Touches

Take your grout, and spread it over the surface of the tiles with a trowel, wiping off the tiles using a damp sponge. The grout should fill the area between the tiles, but wipe to keep it off of the tile sheet itself. Add a layer of caulk along the bottom of the backsplash, and along any sides that it touches. Leave to dry overnight.