How to Install a Toe Kick Heater

What You'll Need
Toe kick heater
Fish cable
Cutting tools
Fish tape/Cable clamp
Safety goggles
Cleaning rags

A kickspace or toe kick heater is a compact heater that is ideal for small spaces. Toe kick heaters can be installed easily into convenient locations, such as under stairways, under window seats, under desks and inside cabinets, allowing you the best utility of the said space and an easy (and effective) heating solution. The toe kick heater design ensures that the motorized air that it releases warms up the adjoining areas immediately. If you are in the market for a small-sized heater, the toe kick heater makes for the perfect choice. In addition to getting the job done, the toe kick heater is also relatively easy to set up. Follow the instructions below to install your own toe kick heater.

Step 1 – Switchbox Cut Out

Once you have selected a heating unit, zero in on a location for it. Depending on where you want to place the toe kick heater, prepare an opening for the switch box. Be sure to centre the switch at proximity from that location. Once you’re sure of the spot, cut an opening in the wall for the box.

Step 2 – Heater Cut Out

Now you will make an opening for the heater itself. Cut an opening for the toe kick heater in the location where you want to place it (under a desk, in a cabinet, etc.). Make sure that the switch box is conveniently located and that you take all safety precautions while cutting and drilling through the wall during the installation process.

Step 3 – Fish the Cables

Once you have both your openings, it’s time to fish the cable through from the power socket to the switch box. Fishing involves running cables through the cavities (or under the carpets and conduits) such as the 2 you’ve just created. Feed the cable into the cavity, and fasten it into place with the help of a cable clamp. You can also use fish tape to hold the cable in place.

Continue to fish the cable from the switch box cutting to the opening for the toe kick heater and again secure the cable with a clamp.

Step 4 – Installing the Unit   

Once you have the cables threaded, it’s time to put the switch box in place. Connect the electrical line from the power socket to the box. This should be an easy process as you simply have to follow the instructions on the manual. Be sure to use all the safety precautions provided so as to complete a safe installation.

Make the connections to the switch box and the unit. Once this is done, you are ready to install the toe kick heater. Simply slide the unit into place. Use the drill and nail to secure the unit so that it remains steady. Turn on the power.