How to Install a Toilet Wax Ring

What You'll Need
Putty knife
Flat blade paint scraper
Bathroom caulk
Plastic garbage bags
Towels and sponges
Old newspapers
Cleaning rags
Any type of padding- for example a packing blanket
Crescent wrench
New toilet bolts
Small containers
Wax toilet seal ring
Painting palette knife
Marking tape
Latex gloves

Knowing how to install a toilet wax ring is a useful skill, as toilet wax rings often have to be replaced relatively often. One should watch out for certain indications of whether it is time to replace the wax ring around the toilet or not to prevent any extensive damage. Two of the most common signs are either when the bathroom starts smelling bad and the smell of sewer gas starts permeating throughout or when the toilet starts to come loose and gets knocked around on its base.

Installing a Toilet Wax Ring at Home

Step 1: Preparation

The first step involves removing the toilet from its base. Then cover the area where the toilet will be fitted back using old newspaper and padding. Remember to wear gloves during the procedure.

Step 2: Draining Water

The top tank needs to be drained of all water; hence the toilet should be flushed. The cover of the tank should be removed and put away during the work. Use an old sponge to soak in any water that might still be in the toilet bowl. Once this has been done, push the seat down and secure it in place using the masking tape.

Step 3: Sever Water Connections

The next step is to cut out the water connections. The supply shutoff valve for the water system should be turned in a clockwise direction to turn the water supply off. The supply line attached to the shutoff valve can be removed by undoing the compression fitting that holds it in place by using a crescent wrench. Water often drains through the removed pipeline for a while, so it is advisable to have towels handy.

Step 4: Undoing Nuts and Bolts

The bolt covers found on the edges of the base of the toilet have to be undone using the crescent wrench. Each cap contains a nut within it. These nuts have to be removed as well. In case the nuts have become rusted with time, you will need a hacksaw to extract them.

Step 5: Removing the Toilet from the Base

The toilet has to be removed from the flange by gripping the toilet sides lying over the bolts. Using considerable force, turn the toilet in either direction to undo the grasp of the existing wax seal. Once the toilet comes loose, lift it up.

Step 6: Cleaning

Place the toilet on newspapers such that the bottom base faces you. Take strong disinfectant and spray the bottom of the toilet. Take scrapers and peel off any old wax that might be stuck onto the bottom.

Step 7: New Wax Ring

Use solvent and some scrapers to pull out the remnants of the old wax ring. Put the new wax ring in place at the toilet base. Try purchasing one which comes with an inbuilt plastic flange.

Step 8: Replacing Bolts

Use a hammer to loosen the old bolts and then slide them out of place. Replace them by putting in new ones in their position.

Step 9: Putting the Toilet Back in Place

Put the toilet back in place carefully by making sure the bolt positions are aligned. Make sure the toilet fits into the new wax ring. It is recommended that you sit on the seat to add additional pressure so that the toilet sinks into place. Then with the aid of the crescent wrench, tighten the base bolts.

Step 10: Reconnect Water and Redo Caulk

Replace the water line to the shutoff valve and tauten the compression fitting. Put in new caulk around the bottom of the toilet and use a round edged knife to even out its surface.