How to Install a Trampoline Pad

What You'll Need
Trampoline pad
Measuring tape
Masking tape

The trampoline is one of the most common items to purchase for the backyard. They not only promote good exercise and provide hours of fun, but also can help athletes learn balance. In 2001, over 90,000 injuries were attributed to the use of the trampoline. The most common trampoline injuries involve falling off the trampoline and hitting the ground, while others involve hitting the edge of the trampoline. Along the edge of the trampoline is a metal frame and as metal hooks, which hold the bouncing surface in place. To make the trampoline safer for you to use, you can add a trampoline pad, which covers all of these hard spots. Installation of the trampoline pad may seem difficult at the beginning, but it is rather simple, and the following article will show you how.

Step 1 – Buy the Trampoline Pad

In order to protect and cover the trampoline effectively, you need to purchase a pad that is the exact size you need. Buying a trampoline pad that is too small means that it will not fit. If the pad is too large, it will not grip the trampoline correctly and will slip off. You will need to take an accurate measurement of your trampoline, if you cannot remember the actual size. Tape one end of the measuring tape on the edge of the trampoline. Wrap the measuring tape around the trampoline, until it reaches the end you taped. Use this measurement to purchase the trampoline pad.

Step 2 – Unroll the Trampoline Pad

Now that you have the correct trampoline pad, you need to line it up correctly and make sure that it is properly oriented. Place the new trampoline pad at the center of the trampoline, without unrolling it. Look at the trampoline as though it were a pie pan, and the trampoline pad the unbaked pie crust. When it is centered you can then unroll the pad. You will see spring loops which are usually black. They need to be facing down and be positioned under the trampoline pad.

Step 3 – Position the Trampoline Pad

The edges of the trampoline pad will include spring loops. You will also notice grommet holes along the edge. You will know when the trampoline pad is centered, because the loops will line up with the springs but will also hang off of the edge of the trampoline.

Step 4 – Install the Trampoline Pad

The springs of the trampoline are connected to the legs. To unhook them; pull it toward you. Unhook it from the frame. Slide the spring through the loop on the pad. Replace the spring. Install the supplied bungee cords by sliding them through the grommets. Insert the T-shaped end of the bungee cord through the other grommet. The end of the bungee has to poke out from under the pad. Wrap this around the leg of the trampoline and then hook it in place over the bungee. Repeat for each hook on the trampoline pad.